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I witnessed how hospitals end the life of patients. David Schuster had a stroke at the Mt.Sinai hospital in Wisconsin. The medical care failed. He was not managed correctly after a cardiac operation on his mitral valve. He recieved too much fluid and went into  congestive heart failure and then suffered a stroke. If not for the doc’s giving him too much fluid likely he would not of stroked. A neurology MD evaluated him right after a stroke. This doctor told his wife he would never recover and she need to stop feeding him and make him a no code. He used the term your husband is brain dead. I learned of this and notified the police and filed attempted murder. I was steadfast. Each day I sent a demand to the hospital and the police.  The neuro doc did no EEG or did not scan his brain. I lucked out and I will never know why. The police supported my position. The neurologist knew that the next day evaluation to determine life and death was insane. You have to give the patient time to recover from a stroke to see how they are. This was totally a rush to death. I investigated and found that David’s medicare was all used up . The way this is determined is by DRG.

A Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) is a statistical system of classifying any inpatient stay into groups for the purposes of payment. The DRG classification system divides possible diagnoses into more than 20 major body systems and subdivides them into almost 500 groups for the purpose of Medicare reimbursement.
 Each operation and recovery has a limit DRG number of days. David exceed this . So the neurologist was  a rubber stamp to kill David because his bills would not be paid for. Any MD knows patients after a stroke need support and care immediately to rehab the patient. What I found out is how we kill the these older people daily across the country. This is happening everyday . Why is it a silent crime? The hospital and neurologist were conspirators. How many are killed in this way? I changed my thinking entirely about my living will. I fought with Mt. Sinai and uncovered this crime. This common action in our hospital is very much like Logan’s Run. There is an age when you are written off today. Who decides? The DRG does. We are in George Orwell’s 1984. Attorneys are simply creating these living wills without knowing what is going on in our hospitals. I am going to the Ca Barr Ass on this issue. David healed and had no lasting negative affects of his stroke. He lived healthy for another 8 years. This is a national issue. The media and press have ignored these truths. I have tried to break this story for years. I changed my living will to” give life a chance” attitude. We all have myths about life and death that are not rational. I have had a patient with advanced ovarian cancer and told she would die in 6 months. I operated on her and she had 8 more years. She believed she was to old for an operation which was not true she was older but as strong as she was 8 years earlier. Her family also thought well she survived cancer once, she can not survive twice? Reality is no one has these answers. Operations can be performed with little pain and one can rehab the body for recovery. Times have change. But the behavior about being older has not changed. 8 years is the gift of life. Also medicare knows the DRG system is used to kill. This is an insider deal I fell into and have tired to get national coverage. I feel my mind is  doing more than ever. But my world looks at my aging and they see me as dead already at 67.

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